or Reverie/Decade
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Hello ^_^ I'm Kiara I like things and concepts. He/him (+ she/it for friends), 6teen, mixed, tmasc girlthing freak ♥

Regular DNI + no fans of AOT, Homestuck, MCYT, whatever. I don't care about pointless LGBT discourse circlejerks the year is 2022. I likely won't follow back if you primarily post Genshin, Hypmic or Madoka + I don't really like people whose only interests are mobile gacha games, sorry

I love Kamen Rider, other tokusatsu, coding, typology, Pokemon glitches, Kinniku Shojo Tai and more, though I mostly just post about the first one. My favorite Rider is Ex-Aid but I also love Ryuki, Build and Zi-O a lot :) I make Tumblr themes and I'm an aspiring fansubber (mostly JP -> EN, still learning!)

I like Kuroto Dan from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (2016) more than the average person. If you (rightfully) don't like him (or Ex-Aid as a whole), you will probably not enjoy following me. Ask me about what's wrong with him

SLUEI FLEV Chol-Sang + first ever person to have a tritype of 474 (4w5 7w8 4w3, sx/sp, yes I know that's not how it works). Virgo sun + moon, Capricorn rising (9/20). 170 cm. Sigma male. Thanks for reading, check this song out. Art credit