...or Reverie/Marilyn

Hi I'm Kiara :) I also go by Rev(erie), Marilyn and any other fem name that's 5-7 letters. I'm a 16 y/o mixed transmasc girlthing (I mostly use he/him, she/it = ok if I know you) who likes being on the computer and making friends ♥

Strange and offputting bisexual + least insane compsci student. I draw occasionally (Wacom Intuos + SAI2). I also code (as you can see) and very very rarely do fansubs as practice (JP -> EN, still very much learning)

DNI if you won't respect my status as God's chosen one (also don't follow first if you're a PMMM fan you guys suck. I won't follow back if your only interests are gacha games)

478 (balanced wings?), sx/sp, SLUEI, Chol-Sang, Virgo sun + moon, Capricorn rising, 170 cm, sigma male, main character of the universe, and more... Follow to see for yourself ♥

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