...or Reverie/Marilyn

I like stuff. Specific stuff I like:

Tokusatsu: Kamen Rider (I've watched a bunch, my favorites are Ex-Aid, Ryuki and Zi-O), Super Sentai (mostly Donbros), Ultraman (mostly Orb), Choukou Senshi Changerion, Sentika F8ABA6 Jisariz...

Music: Kenji Ohtsuki is everything to me. Mainly Kinniku Shojo Tai, also Tokusatsu, occasionally other side projects. Check out my playlist if you want some dude with depression to yell at you for 12 hours.
Also Ningen Isu sometimes (I have a Ningen Shikkaku shirt!)

Games: Limbus Company. Just that. I'm not good at anything else :(

Other: Pokemon glitches (special interest of 5+ years!), enneagram (I just pretend to know things don't ask me), coding (duh), and more...